cheese tasting: this is what we do at Stanford + giant text update :) + random things

So a couple days ago, we made a run to Trader Joe’s and bought some cheese, crackers, and cranberry juice. Why? So that this could happen:

Nathan likes his cheese moldy

Nathan likes his cheese moldy

Yup, we had a cheese tasting event. At 2am. Because we’re snobby artists. #juststanfordthings JK just because Nathan likes cheese so he wanted the rest of us to try some out. It was actually really cool, and all the cheeses (we only had 4) were amazing ❤

mmmm cheese

mmmm cheese

I think this one is called…wait I completely don’t remember LOL. It was some kind of bleu cheese, and I actually enjoyed it! I always thought these were weird because you’re literally eating mold voluntarily, but it was really delicious and had a very full flavor 🙂

picture time!

picture time!

And then of course we had to document the whole thing. This is Sharyn taking her artsy picture of the night.


Just a little bit about life at Stanford:

Things have been really great! I can’t get over how amazing it is to be here, especially because I basically have access to whatever music recordings I want, as well as any scores I might want to take a look at. :3 Sheet music + recordings = heaven *_*

But other than that: it’s amazing the types of things you can do here. In my ITALIC program, we’re going to go see the SF Ballet soon, and the SF Opera performing Puccini’s La Bohème at the end of the quarter. So naturally, I wanted to know if we were going to go see the Symphony. They said they didn’t have any planned, but told me that if I gathered some people and chose a few concerts to go to through the year, they’ll pay for us to go. OH. MY. GOODNESS. FIREBIRD, HERE I COMEEEE ❤

And then Nathan wanted to do his tap dancing but they don’t have very good spaces for that, so he asked around to see if there was any tap space he was not aware of, and then a week later he got word that they’re literally installing a high-quality tap floor for him to practice on. More info on that later (once I have more).

Also, within the first week of classes, I was presented with the offer to play in a cello masterclass with STEVEN ISSERLIS, which will be happening this Thursday…which is tomorrow. I’m super super excited, and I really should go practice more. But kind of hard with all that’s going on. I’m in a piano trio–we’re currently deciding between Arensky, Smetana, and Shosty–as well as taking private lessons and practicing as much as I can. Oh yeah, and I’m in the Mendicants, an all-male a cappella group–excuse me, the oldest a cappella group on campus. Heehee. And it’s all really great, but it all takes so much time. So I’m working on my time management skills. It’s not easy.

Classes are good! After moving my schedule around for 2.5 weeks, I’ve gotten it down to my final list for this quarter: ITALIC + a bunch of music classes. I want to really focus in on music for this quarter (if not for this whole year), since I now have a really really great cello from the Doublestop Foundation. I don’t want to waste the amazing opportunity that they’ve given me to really improve in leaps and bounds, so I’m doing a bunch of music. Basically, I’m taking theory, and with that comes the ear training class, and also with that comes the piano proficiency test. But there’s absolutely no way I’m going to pass it, so I’m also enrolled in an introductory piano class. Which is great, cause I’ll FINALLY get to learn piano. But theory is hard. I can hear things, but identifying them quickly and knowing the exact notation for them is sooo hard. I just need to spend a lot more time on it.

ITALIC is killing me right now. 😛 It’s a really really amazing class (it’s basically an in-depth examination of the arts’ role in life), but there’s a lot of reading, a lot of writing, and it’s all piling up to be due tomorrow, which is also when my masterclass is. So I can’t like stop practicing to focus on my schoolwork. It’s kind of ridiculous right now. But oh well, I’ll survive. Mostly.

OH, and I had my first ECYS Galbraith cello sectionals yesterday! Meaning I had my first coaching gig yesterday. It was really great, and the little kids are all so funny. And also kind of a pain…I feel Thomas’s pain now. But it was a super exciting and invaluable experience for me, and I am really excited to go back in a month!

Getting back to campus alone at night via bus is really scary though. I think my prayer life is going to spike upwards.

So yeah, that’s basically what’s been going on lately. I’m sure I’m forgetting a ton, but I’m really tired right now.

But basically, how can you go wrong with this?

Main Quad <3

Main Quad ❤

and more Main Quad

and more Main Quad

This is right by the Main Quad

This is right by the Main Quad

Other random thing: this is called the Whispering Circle, because if you whisper at one end of the big arc, a person with their ear at the other end of the arc can hear you clearly. Physics. Also, it’s just an extremely beautiful little spot right next to Memorial Church.

there's actually a person sleeping on the right side, can you see?

there’s actually a person sleeping on the right side, can you see?

One thing I’ve learned:

People, lock up your bike frame too.

People, lock up your bike frame too.

I’ll update more soon!

Thanks for reading (COUGH Jeffrey ❤ you’re the best)



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