march 30th: santa monica beach!

day 89: so this day, the rest of my family went on down to san diego to drop of my brother/visit old friends and such, but i stayed at my grandparents’ house to practice. i worked for a few hours, but it was really hard for some reason, so eventually i just put my cello away and walked down to the beach. the santa monica beach. omg so pretty! and it’s like a really lively beach, TONS of people around everywhere. here are some pictures i took.

so first, there was this hawk…or falcon…i’m not sure what the difference is…just HOVERING effortlessly. forever. it just sat there. in the air. its head was looking down, like it was getting ready to dive or something, so i got SUPER excited, thinking i was about to witness a diving falcon, and possibly capture the moment on my camera. but it just sat there, and then these poopy ravens came and started taking swoops at it! they would fly above it, then dive down and try to knock it or something. i’ve never seen anything like it before! i have like 200 pictures of it, but here are just a couple:





and then there were these seagulls overhead that reminded me of the switchfoot album :3

hello hurricanee :3

hello hurricanee :3

and this plant, i don’t even know what it is, but it’s pretty

ooh pretty!

ooh pretty!

and i tried to do some people photography, but i felt like a creeper so i only got this one and a few others. but look at that babyyyyy she’s so happy! ❤




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