march 7th, 8th, and 9th: indianaaa + dr. kolchinsky

day 66: flew out to indiana for my second (and last) audition!! we stopped over in phoenix, arizona, and lifting out of that airport, i saw real clouds for the first time in my life. see this picture? that’s actually a MASSIVE cloud. but this is the small one i saw. the giant one wouldn’t fit in the field of view.

so this is cumulonimbus.

so this is cumulonimbus.

day 67: the audition went really well! now i just need to wait for scholarship…we’ll see how that goes 😛 but omg i LOVE this school so much! this is inside their opera house/ballet theatre/concert stage. it’s kind of cool, the idea was to make it a “fortress for the arts,” thus the arrow slits in the keep there, and the arrows (or moat?) on the ground, etc. DEFEND MUSIC WITH ALL YOU’VE GOT!!

no but okay this opera house is the biggest in the world. apparently it’s two cubic feet larger than the Met. HAHAHA nicely done, nicely done.



day 68: today was a normal sunday–church, then ecys. let’s take a moment to appreciate this incredible woman who’s lead the El Camino Youth Symphony for the past 20 years. i feel compelled to do this because there was a particular *nastybadwordforevilperson* who was so disrespectful to her today that i was……….extremely, extremely angry.

so here’s to Dr. Kolchinsky. ❤

the wonderful, magnificent dr. camilla kolchinsky <3

the wonderful, magnificent dr. camilla kolchinsky ❤


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