february 12th: full circle

day 43: so a lot happened today, but stupid me forgot to take my camera with me T_T

so today’s post will be more about the text than the picture…which doesn’t entirely make sense since this is a photo blog, but oh well. πŸ˜›

SO. i went to school today at 9:30 as usual for EWRT 1A and had to write an essay (Martha’s idea of a midterm–but i suppose itΒ is an english class so yeah) in 50 minutes, and she expected deep analysis. gg. i hope i did half-decently, cause i really don’t want to get a B sigh.

then i went up to MLC and studied for Sean’s midterm with people (Niv and i listened all the way through firebird!!! :D). and then we all walked over to the G building for the midterm…………..sigh. it was killer. i guess the content wasn’t TOO bad, but there was so much writing ohmy. like literally i think if you added up all the blank lines spaces to write in, it’d be like 4 pages’ worth. it was ridiculous. my hand utterly died. and it’s still dead. and now i have to write my discourse paper for martha SIGH.

but yeah, i was hoping to get out early from sean’s midterm so i could get ready for my Princeton interview at 3 — like i wanted to get out at the latest by 2. but no, that crazy test took me to almost 2:10. thanks, sean. πŸ˜›

but yeah, i had my Princeton interview at the new starbucks next to the Bay Club. i’ve never been there before. i didn’t even know it existed. but dang, that was a nice starbucks. anyway, the interviewer man was really nice, but it was hard to gauge how much he liked me or anything. he wasn’t all that expressive. but whatever; what happens will happen. and it’s all in God’s control, so i shall just wait. at least it didn’t go badly! πŸ˜€

so after that, i went home and wrote an outline on a couple notecards of what i was going to say for my speechy thing at the middle college informational meeting. but i’m jumping ahead of myself. so backtracking: a couple days ago, heather and sean asked me if i could talk at the meeting today (the thing where the prospective mc students come in and write an essay and then there’s an informational meeting and they have a few students talk about their experiences and then people ask them questions and such), so i of course said yes! i remember two years ago when i went in for that thing, there was one guy who really inspired me and helped me realize that middle college was actually pretty cool; i wanted to be that guy for some of these new people. i really, truly believe that middle college has been SO much better for me than mv ever could have been, and i want other people to experience it too. :3 it felt really strange standing up on the stage and talking, because things had come full circle: two years ago, i was one of the kids sitting down at the little round tables all over the room and listening to the middle college kids talk; now, i was on the stage talking. i don’t know, it just meant a lot to me. :3

also, katie and alisa and i had fun being kind of ridiculous up in front while deirdre, heather, sean, and emmert were talking hehehe and it was funny cause i had talked about how we’re not the supernerds or antisocial people that a lot of people think we are, but neither are we normal. we all have our little quirks and uniquenesses (i just invented a word) that make us all very special, and we work beautifully together. we’re all super comfortable with who we are and with being our random and sometimes slightly ridiculous selves. so i was talking about that kind of stuff (ish…more or less) and then afterwards we were standing there in quite plain sight hip-checking each other. cause that’s just how cool we are πŸ˜‰

so yeah. katie for some reason thought that my notecards were the most adorable thing in the world, and got quite a kick out of them. so i hope they do the same for you πŸ˜› it’s probably not going to make a whole lot of sense — at least not the first one. the second one is more coherent. but yeah, here you go. πŸ™‚

middle college speech! :3

middle college speech! :3


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