january 31st and february 1st: i miss astronomy + Wicked score

day 31: so apparently there was a supernova in M82 less than two weeks ago, and it’s actually visible in small telescopes!! in case you don’t know: a supernova is an exploding star, and this one happened in the galaxy M82, also called the “Cigar Galaxy” due to its elongated shape. but anyway, my neighbor called me over last night because he had his telescope set up, with the supernova in view! so that’s checked off on my list of things to see. :3 it’s kind of funny though, because it literally just looks like a star…a rather faint star. but i just think it’s really really cool and kind of mindblowing that this supernova is in a galaxy 12 million lightyears away. which means that theoretically, it exploded 12 million years ago, and we’re only now seeing it. if you want to see what it looks like, here you go (from Astronomy Picture of the Day): http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap140124.html

so yeah. i didn’t take a picture of it myself, because astrophotography is ridiculously tricky (not to mention expensive). but here’s a picture of my telescope (8-inch SkyQuest Dobsonian from Orion Telescopes), which i sadly haven’t used for like a year at least T_T alas, that’s what happens with school. first chance i get though, when i’m not so tired at nighttime and not so busy all the time, ASTRONOMY SHALL RETURN!!

meet Dobby. :)

meet Dobby. 🙂


yeah, other than that, i’ve literally done nothing but cello all day. so here. i have the entire Wicked full orchestra score!!! :3

Wicked full orchestra score!

Wicked full orchestra score!


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