january 21st: locked out + physics lab

day 21: today was a somewhat eventful day — or at least there were two major things that happened — so i’ll post two pictures. 🙂

so when i got back from school today, i pulled my key lanyard out of my backpack as usual…to find that i had disconnected the actual key ring part back on sunday, when i took it to davies with me. so i was locked out until 4:30, when my mom got back from her stuff. so when my brothers got back, we all just sat in the backyard and did some work. then one of them had the genius idea to go grab some food from the garage, so we got some graham crackers and soda and apple juice and had a little feast. then we needed music, but we had no working speakers — and a 3rd generation ipod touch at top volume is simply terrible…not to mention it was running low on battery. 😛 so i began to despair, but joshua decided to try disconnecting one of the mini speakers from the oooold old set that was rusting away in the sideyard. we were ready for failure, but it actually ended up working, and rather well! so we turned on switchfoot’s new album “Fading West” and enjoyed ourselves for an hour and a half. and then my ipod just HAD to die literally on the last song. sigh. but mom got home shortly afterwards so it was okay. :3 the whole thing actually ended up being a really fun bonding experience. :3

so yeah, here’s our little setup (most of the food was gone by this time, and i stole the box that joshua was using as a desk):

locked outt

locked outt

so once we got in, i practiced for half an hour, ate some bibimbap (YUMMY), and went back out for physics. which was ridiculously boring, and i kept falling asleep……….shh!

but yeah, lab took way too long cause Durazzo decided…wait okay, i wrote a poem about it, but it was in my lab notebook. dangit. i’ll post it later. but here’s what we did in lab today. it involved vector addition, pythagorean theorem, and a bit of simple trig. weee fun. .___.

physics lab #2

physics lab #2

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