january 18th: rehearsal day

day 18: so today, byron, linus, aaron, miles, emily, jay, several others and I drove up to SF for the Festival Orchestra rehearsal. it was amazing omg. Michael Morgan is such a crazy person hahaha but he’s SO much fun to work with! here are a few quotes from him:

“don’t be so damn angry!”
“sensuality is sloooow.”
“i knocked of my glasses…i need to calm down.”
“find your inner caribbean woman. she’s in your hips. everybody has one. if you don’t, it’s because you’ve killed her.”

and then, of course, there were his expressions. utterly priceless.
but yeah anyway, that was lots of fun, but i didn’t have time to take pictures. and i don’t think Mr. Morgan would have appreciated me taking pictures during rehearsal anyway 😛 but afterwards, i found MTT’s parking space right outside Davies! i realized afterwards that i should have gotten a farther away picture so you could tell it was in front of a parking space, but oh well. maybe tomorrow! but for now:

MTT's parking space

MTT’s parking space sign

(in case you were wondering what it says at the bottom, it’s this: “Infiniti, Official Vehicle of the San Francisco Symphony”)


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